Welcome Andrew.

The new generation of footwear,
where technology, transparency and craftsmanship meet.

All leather parts are uniquely coded from Swedish KRAV - certified cows.
Full transparency back to the animals involved
XX1133 each leather part is coded, resulting in individual codes for each pair produced


Andrew dramatically improves the most important thing in this world. The idea of a fully functional eco-system. Without it, we simply can not exist. This is achieved by combining technology, transparency and craftsmanship. Resulting in uniquely coded footwear with transparent animal supply chains.

Andrew is currently in prototype stage,
estimated delivery August 2018.

Limited edition of 99 pairs.

Estimated price 2799 €

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Available January

Here to improve
global animal protection.

2015, we began examining how traditional logistic chains for leather products work, how leather is produced, tanned and valued. We continued looking at where leather normally loses it traceability and other values are added. We concluded that the term ecological in the fashion and leather industry is similar to the term set by the UN global goals. That animals are excluded in the creation of sustainable ecosystems.

So we designed something totally new. From scratch. Challenged the industry from within as we decided to create a product that could improve global animal production. Simply by looking good.

This has taken us from KRAV-marketing rapports on late saturday night, through slaughterhouses, internships at Tanneries and visiting all steps in how quality shoes are made by the best in the industry. They were all so nice so we now call them our friends. Part of our team are now some of the leading people and companies around the globe.

Through this journey we have made some amazing friends. Our team now consist of some of the industry-leading people and companies around the globe.

By August 2018 we´ll be delivering to our customers the world's first leather footwear with fully transparent animal supply chains that include the buyer as a individual checkpoint in the transparency chain. Model Andrew is currently BETA-testing our software making this possible.

Because if it is not transparent. It is not good enough. But that also means that we have a long road to walk in order to be where we need to be and desire to create. A better world, where all stories matter and where animal protection are included in the global goals and standard in the fashion, footwear and leather industry.

For creators and storytellers.

Great life is built upon great stories. By groundbreaking combinations of fashion, technology, craftsmanship and transparency, we challenge storytelling to the next level. Each pair of footwear comes with their own amazing stories that we share with you, as you become the next storyteller.

By developing our own software, Responsible Systems, we can guarantee full traceability, responsibility and transparency back to the exact animals being involved and connect you to all those stories. Each footwear comes with an individual six digit code, connected to the individual animal supply chain of that pair. By logging in using your six digit code on the final website, we connect you with the stories your shoes tell. Your ownership begins with a tour back in time, experiencing the journey they have made to reach you.

Andrew is built upon great stories. Now it is ready for yours.

More information regarding fitting, last and purchase will be announced after the January launch, 2018 in Stockholm. Join us for the launch by signing up to Keep me updated or Join the Waiting List.