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Creating an ecosystem for animal protection

This movement is more than a luxury fashion brand. To achieve the goal of providing transformational experiences and animal and climate protection we created an ecosystem that innovates and excites around all critical aspects. At the core is the JOSEFIN LILJEQVIST brand focused on fashion. Behind the scenes is Responsible Systems providing the technological innovations that allow the transformation of the entire fashion industry towards more animal protection and traceability. This creates a holistic sustainable luxury approach that transforms the entire industry beyond our own brand.

Facts on why improved animal welfare is key


73 % of global deforestation 

73 % of global deforestation is driven by farming livestock. Causing natural habitats to disappear and species to be extinct.


50% of global land area

Human livestock use 50% of global liveble land area: more GHG emissions than the automotive industry. Cities take up 1%.

Unethical animal supply chains create 14,5% of global GHG emissions. By improving global animal protection our goal is to cut the industrial farming industry in half. Besides the clear ethical aspect, it would lower global GHG emissions by 8 %.

14,5 % of global GHG emission

Animal Impact




All modern pandemics have been zoonoses: diseases jumping from non-humans to humans.

Powered by Purpose

Join the movement for global animal protection with Josefin Liljeqvist, a brand carefully created as a mission-driven ecosystem to make a positive impact, one sale at a time. From sourcing from suppliers who prioritize animal welfare to being part of creating frameworks to support animal protection in our practices and beyond - every aspect of our brand is dedicated to our mission.


The Josefin Liljeqvist brand is built on the foundation of our proprietary traceability software, Responsible Systems. Allowing us to not only trace the journey of each product from source to client and beyond, but to also reverse engineer the design process to ensure the highest animal protection in each design. This foundation ensures not only the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainability but enabling full circularity using each design´s unique Digital ID, the RSiD - a first in the industry. This innovation was first implemented in our development and creation of the world's first traceable leather footwear. Our passion for impact, animal welfare, and traceability is matched only by our commitment to creativity and art. Our unique combination of technology, impact, and art creates a luxurious experience where beauty and purpose come together.


We invite you to discover what’s beyond.

Meet the founder

At the age of 11, Josefin began to engage herself in working for WWF to raise awareness for animals. She is an educated fashion and footwear designer who started her journey with footwear in her family's shoe boutique in Uppsala, Sweden at the age of 16 (Sweden´s oldest shoe shop) As of late 2015, she has focused her time on improving animal protection and creating awareness around the subject. Her brand, under her own name, inspires people to make a difference in the world by protecting animals and encouraging them to discover what is beyond today's limits. It's a fusion of creativity, technology, craftsmanship, and artistry, applying much-needed change by including animals and their well-being in the climate discussion using the fashion industry. Josefin founded her company from an understanding of the lack of animal welfare in the UN Global Goals and in the climate debate, and after repeatedly being told by passers-by on the street that "animals are not important for the world" while working for WWF.

Founder Josefin Liljeqvist as a fundraiser for WWF

A purposeful movement

This movement is more than a luxury fashion brand. To achieve the goal of providing a holistic experience, we are crafting an ecosystem that innovates and excites all critical aspects. From traceability, honest progress, and supply chains to our collaborative restaurants and the construction of our designs. This creates a holistic sustainable luxury-tech approach that transforms the entire industry beyond our own brand.

Co-ord graphic genderless outfit by Josefin Liljeqvist

Our mission

Build and craft artistically immortal and responsible products that educate and inspire consumers as well as other businesses to improve global animal protection.

Our vision

Our vision is to improve global animal protection through traceability and education about the importance of animal welfare, in order to achieve a unified and sustainable planet and ecosystem. We aim to make animal protection an integral part of the sustainability conversation by leveraging the fashion industry, thereby creating a better future for animals, humans, and nature.

Our values

We believe in a compassionate and empathy-based approach to our planet and the natural world with a focus on animal protection, ideals that our business is pushing forward in its purpose to be a force of good and positive impact.

  • Artistic craftsmanship

  • Slowness

  • Refined elegance

  • Being in the now

  • Full transparency

  • Respectfulness

  • Planetary boundaries

  • Material longevity

  • Accountable technology

Powered by traceability

Josefin Liljeqvist is powered by Responsible Systems, a traceability software developed in-house to ensure that our supply chains are transparent, traceable, and responsible. From sourcing to production and beyond, Responsible Systems is the foundation of our operations, enabling us to provide our customers with high-quality products that align with our mission to improve global animal protection.

Traceable leather wallet by Josefin Liljeqvist
Bunny served teat in A seat at the Table.JPG

Crafting mission-driven luxury

Crafting luxury with purpose: Where creativity meets traceable impact 

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