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Your name matters

30 seconds to make a real change.

A crucial part of the change and pursuing impact is to demand it, work for it and be aware of that even the smallest voice can change the world. By using your name to sign petitions and taking 30 seconds out of your day to do so, you can make a real difference to animals globally. Here we have lined up petitions that need your signature to really impact. You sign on to the organization's site. We simply work as an enabler for their impact work and current petitions.  


Four Paws International

Four Paws International has gathered petitions that you can you change directly.


PETA- Take Action

Find petitions to sign and information to share.


Sign for adequate care for animals kept at a Zoo

Covid Killed Three Rare Snow Leopards at a Zoo. Demand Vaccinations for Eligible Animals Now!


Care2 - WILDLIFE petitions

Collected wildlife petitions, that make a difference in the natural world where the wildlife lives.


Care2 - Animal Rights petitions

Help end brutal harm to animals done in animal testing, over-fishing, factory farming and more.


Enviromental impact on animals

The environment and the natural form, flora and fauna, needs your signature to recover.

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