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Make Life a Work of Art: Embrace the Highs and Lows with Josefin

"It all started with this idea to "make life a work of art". In its simplicity, it means to equally embrace pain, loss, failure, hurt and joy, happiness, euphoria, and laughter as they define our uniqueness and what makes us, us. In general, we have a tendency to favor the positive aspects of life and avoid the negative. With "make life a work of art" I invite you to embrace everything. Like life, art tells true, defining stories that can be profound, beautiful, controversial, useless, or anything in between, but at their core, they define both us and the art we appreciate. When you truly appreciate something, it's usually because it appeals to your heart, mind, or imagination and evokes strong emotional responses. When I create I always come back to this above little life mantra of mine, being that "I want to grow equally in the highest high as the lowest low". Regardless if it is artwork for the street, for the home, or for fashion designs, I fill it with honest wabi-sabi storytelling. So, in conclusion, let´s make this time on our planet count, let´s make some positive impact, and let's make life into a work of art"

with love, Josefin 

Svarta Lådan X Josefin Liljeqvist Nothing Ever Happens.jpg

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Svarta Lådan X Josefin Liljeqvist

"Nothing ever happens"



Iconic Men


Everlasting public storytelling.

The Embrace Of Safety

Interactive garage-door-artwork, commissioned by Alecta

Located at Alectas Headquarters garage door in Stockholm

It was the greatest of love stories

Made under the #ARTMADETHIS project in collaboration with Vasakronan Uppsala. Interactive garage-door-artwork at Snickare Påvelsgräns, Uppsala


Creativity beyond walls

Exploring creativity in public spaces: Josefin Liljeqvist's art exhibitions and street art installations

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