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Solutions to climate change include reducing meat consumption

Read the story and download the full report from World Animal Protection

The Challenge:

Methane gas from factory farming

UNECE explaining the challenge surrounding methane gas emissions

Our future is critically dependent on biodiversity but the Living Planet Report shows we are losing it at an alarming rate.

Read and download the 2022 Living Planet Report.

Following are re-posted stories from leading organizations in regard to animal protection, biodiversity loss, and climate change.

The SDG´s exclude animal welfare, discover how.

Learn more and download the paper from Frontiers in Veterinary Science

Climate change: New approach needed to gauge animal health impact on emissions

New UN report shows how animal welfare is critical to lower global GHG emissions

How Plastic Pollution can be designed out of the global system

Explore Ellen Mcarthur's circular economy for plastics


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Stories of creativity, sustainability, and impact

Exploring the urgent issues of animal welfare, biodiversity loss, and climate change through purposeful luxury and innovation

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