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Each product and innovation drives Impact

When founder Josefin was working as a fundraiser for WWF in the streets of Stockholm, Sweden, she was often told by by-passers that she was an awful person because “humans are meant to work for humans, not animals - animals are not important for the ecosystem”. She decided a new form of communication around animal protection was well needed. This was the birth of products and innovations that by an interconnected structure will help improve global animal protection. The brand works with DTC purposeful designs in a laboratory and artistic mindset, as well as working with animal traceability in food and fashion.

Take action

Take action for change. 

Your signature enables real change and impact for animals. Spend 30 seconds to be part of advocating for a lasting and positive change for animal causes, globally by signing petitions, created to help animals.

Human livestock use over 50% of global land area. Cities use 1%.

Factory-farmed animals killed yearly: 70 billion.

Current human population: 7,99 billion.

73% of all deforestation derives from intensive farming: species disappear rapidly.

Since 1970, Earth has lost a whopping 49% of global marine animal species.

All modern pandemics have been zoonoses: diseases jumping from non-humans to humans.

1 billion marine living animals die yearly from plastic pollution.

Some facts

Ecosystem of Impact

Change requires us to think differently and act accordingly

The problem we are working on solving is significant; improving animal protection and by doing so, having a part in restoring climate change and biodiversity. The lack of animal protection in the world was not caused by one thing, so the solution could not focus on one thing.

To tackle this global challenge, we need to attack it from different areas and with different hats to create a lasting, secure, and animal-protected positive non-reversible global solution. A solution that unites sustainable agriculture with sustainable fashion, in one circular global economy.


Our solution is an ecosystem for animal protection, that taps into restoring biodiversity and climate as it evolves and grows. We call it an Ecosystem of Impact. Because when we want real change, lasting change, we need to think differently and act accordingly

For the survival of all life on Earth

Let's explore the links between animal protection, biodiversity loss, and climate change.

By fusing agriculture with fashion, with interconnected traceable supply chains focusing on ethics and animal protection, we believe it´s possible to lower global GHG emissions by up to 8%*. Emissions coming from industrial farming currently account for 14,5% of Global GHG emissions.


Still, the UN's 17 global goals lack animals' quality of life as a key to a sustainable planet.


In order to really create global and lasting change, we need to change the communication and education around animal protection. Hence the reason for this company and the Ecosystem Of Impact.

*If the industrial farming industry, by adding animal ethics, can be cut by 50%.

Design Laboratory

Vision: Improve animal protection by redefining luxury.

Mission: Build and craft artistically immortal and responsible products that educate and inspire users as well as other businesses to improve global animal protection.

Tracking Ethics

Vision: A world where the welfare of the animals controls market demand and pushes conservation and ethical innovation efforts forward.

Mission: To structure data of all the world´s animals and make it useful to improve global animal protection.

The mission of the Josefin Liljeqvist brand is to build and craft artistically immortal and responsible products that educate and inspire consumers as well as other businesses to improve global animal protection.

The first question is why

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