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Polar Bears

Take action for change. 

Your signature can drive real change for animals. Join us in advocating for lasting, positive change on a global scale by signing petitions created to support animal causes

Driven by change

Redefining the future through purposeful innovation

Change requires us to think differently. Our mission is to tackle the significant challenge of accelerating and improving animal protection. To achieve this, we embrace a multifaceted approach that unites sustainable agriculture with sustainable fashion, creating a circular global economy. This is our Ecosystem of Impact—a dynamic, interconnected system for lasting and positive change.

Let's examine some key facts

Explore the following facts to understand why global animal protection is essential:
  • Biodiversity Preservation: Biodiversity loss impacts the ecosystem's balance and stability.

  • Climate Change Link: Climate change and animal protection are interconnected for a sustainable planet.

  • Economic Impact: The lack of animal protection results in significant economic losses.

  • Human Health: Animal protection is crucial for human health and well-being.

  • Ecosystem Services: Animals contribute to essential ecosystem services.

  • Conservation Importance: Protecting animals is vital for biodiversity, ethics and our planet's health.

80 % of global agricultural land is used for rearing animals or growing crops for animals.

Land living animals killed for food yearly: 70 billion

80% of all deforestation derives from intensive farming.

Since 1970, Earth has lost a whopping 49% of global marine animal species.

All modern pandemics have been zoonoses: diseases jumping from non-humans to humans.

1 billion marine living animals die yearly from plastic pollution.

Interconnected innovations and products

Josefin Liljeqvist was born from a need for new ways of communicating animal protection, especially to highlight the importance of traceability. Through thoughtful design, impactful stories, and innovative products like the world's first traceable leather footwear, we work towards redefining conscious luxury by intertwining fashion education, technology, and the arts. Your purchase supports our mission, R&D, and new products, making a real difference in our quest to improve and accelerate global animal protection.

For the survival of all life on Earth

Discover the intricate link between biodiversity loss, climate change, and animal protection.

Our business and Ecosystem of Impact are constructed to combine agriculture with fashion by utilizing interconnected traceable supply chains through our in-house innovation (Responsible Systems) to see the full impact of each product. We strive to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by up to 8%* with this setup, as it encourages better payment for small, sustainable, and animal protection-driven farms. Today, about 70% of all meat produced (leather is a by-product of meat) comes from factory farming. Aside from the horrible conditions for the animals, it also has a brutal effect on our climate, accounting for 14.5% of global GHG emissions. These are our first two areas in the Ecosystem of Impact

Community and Design (Josefin Liljeqvist)

Vision: Redefining luxury to improve animal protection.

Mission: Crafting artistically immortal and responsible products that educate and inspire users and businesses to enhance global animal protection.

Animal Protection Traceability (Responsible Systems)

Vision: A world where the welfare of the animals controls market demand and pushes conservation and ethical innovation efforts forward.

Mission: To structure data of all the world´s animals and make it useful to improve global animal protection.

*If the industrial farming industry adopts animal ethics, emissions can be reduced by a minimum of 50%.

Ecosystem of Impact

Discover how your purchase supports the acceleration of global animal protection and why it's essential

Learn more about our universe

Explore our pre-competitive initiatives dedicated to advancing animal protection on a global scale. Learn how we're making a difference by downloading initiatives and frameworks we have been part of creating, and discover our knowledge partnerships

Animal frameworks

Step into the world of Josefin Liljeqvist Atelier, where art and art-infused home decor dance together to the drums of impact, artistic freedom and creativity. Shop with the knowledge that your purchase supports a greater mission.

Explore Atelier

Discover our purposeful fashion creations. Shop with the knowledge that your choice contributes to our greater mission. Your support fuels our mission, drives R&D, and introduces new products

Conscious fashion

Discover our collaborative Pick-up Places, designed to bridge the gap between the fashion and agriculture industries. We invite you to explore new sustainable coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants. Collect your products from these venues, and join a universe where fashion and agriculture unite.

Pick- up places

Meet the individuals who are driving change alongside us. Learn about our inspirational community of changemakers and their dedication to a more sustainable planet. Join us in making a positive impact.

Our goodwill ambassadors

Step into the realm of animal protection traceability, where each product has a digital identifier, enabling a complete view of its value chain. Explore how we pioneer in traceability by placing animal protection at the core of our practices. Join us on this transformative journey towards a future where every product is animal protection traceable.


Your journey doesn't end here; we invite you to delve into our initiatives, responsible fashion, transparent supply chains, and the incredible community of goodwill changemakers who are part of our mission. With each step, you'll be further immersed in our purpose-driven world, driven by a commitment to improving animal protection and fostering a brighter, more sustainable future.

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