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Josefin Liljeqvist in the Media

See how Josefin Liljeqvist is featured in publications and magazines

Exploring the intersection of beauty and impact: Josefin Liljeqvist media showcase

Josefin Liljeqvist is not just a brand; we're a movement advocating the improvement and acceleration of global animal protection.


The media's spotlight on us shines a beacon of hope, illuminating our advocacy for global animal protection. Our journey showcases the transformative power of conscious luxury, proving that craft and impact can be inseparable.

In the Spotlight: Voices in the Industry on Josefin Liljeqvist

Josefin Liljeqvist has come up with a sophisticated approach to this double-edged sword by incentivizing farmers to shift to more animal-welfare-protecting methods.


With their unwavering commitment to animal protection in the fashion industry and their innovative MRV system, Josefin Liljeqvist is set to ignite transformative change throughout the entire value chain, propelling us towards a more ethical and conscious fashion industry.

Kerry Bannigan

Josefin Liljeqvist has proven to be one of the most innovative forces in fashion today. Not only has she a plan for changing the industry at its core, but she also understands quality and aesthetics, something that is crucial if she is going to succeed in her ambitious endeavor.

Konrad Olsson

Brand ambassador and founder of Scandinavian Mind


Together with the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network, footwear and tech entrepreneur Josefin Liljeqvist strengthens her devoted work to animal protection.

Josefin Liljeqvist sustainable luxury designer and artist


SWE: Josefin Liljeqvist är inbjuden till det globala nätverket UN Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network.

Prazzle cover story Josefin Liljeqvist


The global cover story in collaboration with Prazzle and Moostapha R.Saidi.

IMD Luxury Lab Josefin Liljeqvist


Josefin Liljeqvist joins global luxury brands at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland to talk about animal protection.


Prof. Stephane Girod talks about contradictions in luxury and applauds Josefin Liljeqvist's approach to incentivizing farmers to shift to more animal-welfare-protecting methods.


Josefin Liljeqvist was named runner-up in the Luxury Innovation Award in Geneva, Switzerland in the category of sustainability and biodiversity.


“We are rapidly moving away from mass production and zero experience-driven platforms towards mission-driven brands who have long-term commitments, not only towards their customers, but to the planet also.” Sais Josefin in the interview.


The consumer won't buy an ugly product just because it’s eco-friendly. It has to be super nice.” Fredrik Ekström of Tretorn, Karl-Johan Bogefors of Filippa K, and Josefin Liljeqvist are all working to change the fashion ecosystem. 


Det är det, iallafall om designern Josefin Liljeqvist får bestämma. Nu lanserar hon en 100 procent spårbar lädersko för att lyfta vikten av djurens välmående.

Podcast Radio Hour Josefin Liljeqvist


The consumer won't buy an ugly product just because it’s eco-friendly. It has to be super nice.” Fredrik Ekström of Tretorn, Karl-Johan Bogefors of Filippa K, and Josefin Liljeqvist are all working to change the fashion ecosystem. 


Josefin Liljeqvist mottar hedersutmärkelse av Djurskyddet Sverige för sitt arbete med djurskydd inom modeindustrin.

Josefin Liljeqvist talar i Sveriges Riksdag


Josefin talar i riksdagen "Vi kommer inte kunna lösa klimatfrågan innan vi inkluderar djurens välmående"


"Djuren har tidigare inte fått tillräckligt mycket uppmärksamhet inom modeindustrin och det är Josefin Liljeqvist på god väg att ändra på", motiveras utdelningen ifrån Djurskyddet Sverige.

Streetart Garageportar Josefin Liljeqvist Art Made This


Garageportar får nytt liv i Uppsala genom konstsamarbetet #ArtMadeThis och Josefin målar en kärlekshistoria mellan en man och en flamingo.


In collaboration with Vasakronan and Art Made This, Josefin amongst five other female artists were invited to make garage doors in central Uppsala playful.

Flipday Josefin LIljeqvist


Josefin Liljeqvist vinner entreprenörstävlingen Flipday och mottar priset av "världens snabbaste investering"


En mix av måleri, film, inredning och textil, gjort mellan åren 2013–2015.

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