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Responsible Systems

What is Responsible Systems and why did a fashion brand create a MRV software?

Powered by Responsible Systems

Responsible Systems is our proprietary software, an (in-the-making) global MRV system for animal protection in animal-derived products.

When we set out on the journey of providing end-to-end traceability for leather, there was no product available in the market to achieve, in a trustworthy setup, what we were looking for which is evidence-based traceability through the entire value chain. Therefore we decided to track and collect evidence from our value chains ourselves. What started with a massively growing Excel sheet, grew over time into an MRV (measure, report, verify) system for animal protection and traceability. Our vision with Responsible Systems has never been to keep this solution to ourselves, as that is not the way animal protection globally will be accelerated - instead, we offer it as a solution to other brands that also need to solve this issue.

A reverse-engineered process

Responsible Systems offers a comprehensive approach to animal protection throughout the supply chain, ensuring product and provenance traceability from the exact animal to the final B2C piece. Achieved by employing a reverse-engineering design methodology tied to animal protection, cutting-edge technology, and robust verification processes, the system guarantees accountability at every step of the value chain.

A green field at a farm

Evidence-based and traceable via the RSiD

Responsible Systems uses evidence-based provenance and product traceability to ensure animal protection in the supply chains of animal-derived products. We are committed to accelerating global animal protection by pre-competitive uniting the supply chains of animal-derived and animal-impacted industries and products. This information is stored in each product's unique RSiD - visible on each Josefin Liljeqvist product.

Traceable leather sneaker by Josefin Liljeqvist

Our mission

To structure data of all the world´s animals and make it useful to improve global animal protection.

Our vision

A world where the welfare of the animals controls market demand and pushes conservation and ethical innovation efforts forward.

Creating an ecosystem for animal protection

This movement is more than a luxury fashion brand. To achieve the goal of providing transformational experiences and animal and climate protection we created an ecosystem that innovates and excites around all critical aspects. At the core is the JOSEFIN LILJEQVIST brand focused on fashion. Behind the scenes is Responsible Systems providing the technological innovations that allow the transformation of the entire fashion industry towards more animal protection and traceability. This creates a holistic sustainable luxury approach that transforms the entire industry beyond our own brand.

Facts on why improved animal welfare is key


73 % of global deforestation 

73 % of global deforestation is driven by farming livestock. Causing natural habitats to disappear and species to be extinct.


50% of global land area

Human livestock use 50% of global liveble land area: more GHG emissions than the automotive industry. Cities take up 1%.

Unethical animal supply chains create 14,5% of global GHG emissions. By improving global animal protection our goal is to cut the industrial farming industry in half. Besides the clear ethical aspect, it would lower global GHG emissions by 8 %.

14,5 % of global GHG emission

Animal Impact




All modern pandemics have been zoonoses: diseases jumping from non-humans to humans.

Cows Grazing in Fields
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