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Responsible Systems technology

Accelerating animal protection beyond our own brand

Why Responsible Systems

Our Why

Responsible Systems is on a mission to structure data for all the world's farm animals and make it useful to improve global animal protection. Our unique digital infrastructure ensures end-to-end animal welfare traceability, offering numerous benefits for animal welfare, biodiversity, and climate.


For your business

Explore Responsible Systems as a B2B solution for animal protection traceability. Take a closer look at how our system can benefit your brand and support global animal protection. Click the button to access the Responsible Systems B2B page for more information.

Our Responsible Systems technology enhances transparency and sustainability in fashion, ensuring ethical practices from farm to final product. It addresses the need for traceability in the fashion industry, promoting animal welfare and environmental stewardship

Overlook and purpose

We believe in a world where the welfare of the animals controls market demand and pushes conservation and ethical innovation efforts forward.


We are on a mission to structure data of all the world´s animals and make it useful to improve global animal protection.


The Responsible Systems technology tracks material origins, prioritizes animal protection, and promotes product circularity, reducing waste and encouraging recycling. It bridges the gap between agriculture and fashion, ensuring responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

Applications in animal protection and product circularity

Quick Trace provides an immediate snapshot of your product's origin and journey, connecting you with its source. This tool empowers consumers to make informed choices and promotes accountability in the industry.

Quick trace

In your Josefin Liljeqvist account, access full product traceability through an interactive 3D model, exploring every detail of the leather and its journey. This feature offers an engaging way to understand the entire lifecycle of our products.

Interactive 3D model

Every product receives a unique RSID, a 6-character ID encoding essential information about the product, client, animal protection, material usage, and supply chain. This ID ensures comprehensive traceability and transparency.

Digital ID:RSiD

Activate your RSID upon receiving your product to access detailed traceability information and connect with its complete journey. This activation fosters transparency and builds trust with our customers.

How to activate your Digital iD

Responsible Systems technology underscores our commitment to animal welfare, ensuring ethical standards in every production step. By integrating these practices, we aim to set a new standard for the fashion industry.

Commitment to animal welfare


Call to action

Explore our product range and utilize our Quick Trace tool to connect with the origins of your chosen products. Join us in our mission for a more transparent, ethical, and sustainable fashion industry.

Enhanced monitoring improves animal health and well-being, reducing mortality rates and ensuring high-quality products.​

Animal welfare & animal protection

Tracking grazing patterns protects sensitive ecosystems and reduces biodiversity loss.

Biodiversity conservation

Sustainable livestock management reduces methane emissions and greenhouse gas impacts

Climate mitigation

The global market for traceability solutions is projected to reach $25 billion by 2025. Responsible Systems complies with regulations in key regions, providing a competitive edge.

Market and regulatory support

Responsible Systems creates a unique digital ID (RSiD) for each product, storing evidence-based information visible to end consumers. This approach supports end-to-end traceability, secure data, insights, and economically incentivizes farms to adopt animal welfare practices.

Data-driven approach

Benefits of animal protection traceability

Value chain interconnectivity

 Improved sourcing through interconnected value chains.

Digital circularity & ownership

Ensuring circularity and authenticity with the Digital RSiD.

On-demand production

Supporting collaborative, circular and and sustainable on-demand production.

Insights and data transparency

Achieving data-transparent supply chains through collaboration.

Animal welfare traceability

Ensuring animal protection in every step of the value chain.

Provenance traceability

Full traceability from A to Z.

Comprehensive traceability and sustainability

Platform features

Our solution

At Josefin Liljeqvist, we believe positive innovations should benefit the entire industry. Our Responsible Systems technology is available as a B2B solution on a dedicated platform. Implement our traceability and animal protection systems within your supply chain to promote ethical practices and product circularity.

Learn more about our B2B solutions and how to integrate Responsible Systems into your business.

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