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Each leather goods comes with a code combination of six, which links to a reverse supply chain network. Allowing you to truthfully trace the origin of your leather products. Enter your unique iD below to quickly get an overlook of your product's traceability. For all information, log into your account.

Trace the Digital iD

Traceable leather wallet
Josefin Liljeqvist traceable leather wallet

Oh no, it looks like this RSiD does not exist. Please make sure you've entered all 6 characters in the RSiD. If you continue to have trouble accessing the quick trace please contact

Number of Farms: 

Location of Farms:

Farm Nr

The number of farms lets you know all farms the leather has been sourced from.

Farm Locati

We take great pride in the fact that all leather in our leather goods originates from KRAV and/or Eco-certified farms in Sweden.

Number of Traceable Leather Parts:

Total Square Meters Used:

Countries of Supply Chains:

Your RSiD product and design are a testament to the rich history and legacy of leather crafting, combining the finest techniques and materials from both nations to create an unforgettable impact.

Supply Chain

Our sourcing and design process is optimized to minimize waste and maximize the usage of leather. This means that we have more traceable parts than leather variations, allowing us to use the leather as efficiently as possible.

Traceable parts

Did you know that the leather industry uses both square meters and square feet as units of measurement, with the choice of unit differing between countries?


Here your traceability information will appear if you trace an RSiD



Josefin Liljeqvist Traceable leather wallet by deadstock leather

Quick trace

Get a quick overview of your product's traceability by entering its Digital ID, The RSiD

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