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A seat at the table

The story comes to life through co-ords, hats, sneakers, wallets, and interiors, all of which narrate the tale of including animal protection at the table. Based on the poem "A seat at the table"

A seat at the table, a rewilding story by Josefin Liljeqvist and Moostapha R Saidi.JPG

Shop: A seat at the table

Shop the poetic story of including animal protection at the table

The Poem

"A seat at the Table"


"the wilderness has gone away
replaced by trees, held up by rocks
to make them stay
their root system is made to nourish the world
but we cover them in asphalt and sand
so their cries can not be heard

new cities and worlds ́ 

built on gold, graphite, and bones
designed so beautifully

it's beyond amazing to call this, home

the warmth of heartbeats slows down for each
as extreme weather grows only to breach
so we build our dreams harder into the wild
so the anger of the skies can not break down and cry

we search for solutions, both high and low
but the bees and birds have withered and died slow
they took the passwords of the wild with them
as their wings blew up a final storm
to free all the trees from this place
we break down, to call home

the wilderness has gone away
and the butterflies, trees, and birds
needs a seat at the table
to figure out how we all can stay"

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