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Svarta Lådan X Josefin Liljeqvist

Nothing ever happens is an art exhibition in collaboration with Scandic Malmen, Södermalm Stockholm, and Designgalleriet by Stefan Nilsson, Svarta Lådan, and Josefin Liljeqvist.

The exhibition explores the perspective of the sofa, being viewed daily from its placement inside Stockholm's busiest window (a fact). As the sofa reflects it can not stop thinking about " what would happen if I swapped places with the human viewer for a day?"

The story

Ever had one of those days when you feel like nothing ever happens? Then everything happens. Life suddenly seems all too chaotic and you wish for more relaxing days to come. In this black and white short film, me and photographer Tony Ottosson tried to capture the feelings of the sofa, being the center of the exhibition. As if it was human and wished for something to happen. From the point of view of it being exposed to all the movement and stress from the street, without ever being able to be part of it. But desires to be. In this film, you will see the sofa having one chaotic day. Full of stress, drinks, sex, feelings of excitement, preparing for a night out, laughing, feeling tired, being bored, feeling happiness but most of all; having too many things planned for one day. Like when you stomp your foot in stress, waiting at the crossroad for the red light to turn green. And when you woke up that same morning, perhaps you thought ”Nothing ever happens".

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Nothing ever happens

Exploring the sofa's perspective: A collaborative art exhibition at Scandic Malmen and Designgalleriet

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