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Animal protection

We are in business to accelerate and improve global animal protection

Our commitment to animal protection

Both a goal and a philosophy is to give back more than we take and that each product and design should either highlight or solve a currenty animal protection issue. We are on a mission to accelerate and improve global animal protection using products and innovations that inspires consumers as well as other business to join our cause.

Re-defining luxury with honesty and accountability.

At our brand, we have a deep belief in connecting consumers with nature and respecting animals by taking a slower pace and a more holistic mindset toward fashion. We are committed to providing full accountability and traceable quality at every step of the product lifecycle. We stand by the combination of innovation, impact, and honest progress. Our products are crafted by hand, with a strong sense of purpose and a foundation based on craftsmanship.

We are dedicated to creating storytelling products that are built to last, not just for now but for years to come. Our products are imperfectly perfect, embodying our commitment to responsible production, animal protection, and craftsmanship.

Sustainability and certifications: Our commitment to a better world

KRAV farms Josefin Liljeqvist

All the farms we collaborate with are KRAV-certified, and some have a KRAV/Eco certificate. The KRAV certificate is really important to us as it is the only certification that focuses on animal protection and welfare, taking a holistic and accountable approach to how the animals should be treated on the farm.

In summary, KRAV is a renowned Swedish certification system that guarantees the highest standards of organic production, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability


FSC Josefin Liljeqvist

For our boxes and home decor, we choose materials from FSC-certified forests. FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council and is a globally recognized certification system that ensures responsible forest management. FSC-certified forests meet strict environmental, social, and economic standards, promoting sustainable practices and safeguarding the well-being of ecosystems and local communities. It is an important certificate for us to work with as it strengthens the biodiversity of the forests


Traceable leather sneaker Josefin Liljeqvist

In all leather designs, we 3D model prior to production, to come as close as possible to zero-waste in the first stages of the lifecycle of a product. This set-up also allow for digital customization through the lifecycle of a product and visualization of personalization of the design. 

Aiming for zero-waste with 3D

Traceable leather wallet Josefin Liljeqvist

Each design is constructed as a digital and traceable ID, The RSiD, which both prototypes and final designs receive, is unique per product and per client. In the iD, supply chain data is collected and can later be viewed under "Explore RSiD" in My Account. The RSiD also allows for a digital transfer in ownership on a re-sale market, for example.

A digital & traceable iD

Each of our designs is created and sourced using a reverse-engineered process. This allows us to understand the full supply chain and its impact before beginning any designs. Consequently, we can source directly from farms with the highest standards of animal protection.

A reverse-engineered design

The Josefin Liljeqvist brand creates, sources, and manufactures on-demand through a collaborative value chain. This approach promotes good design, sustainable consumption, and minimizes waste at every stage of the value chain. Therefore, our delivery times are slightly longer.

On-demand production

Our approach to animal protection guides our choices when collaborating with farms. We work exclusively with Swedish, small, family-owned farms where the cattle spend their summers outdoors, grazing freely. These farms provide excellent veterinary care and prioritize the cattle's quality of life. In the realm of leather goods, we establish traceability from the exact animal to the final product.

Traceability on leather

Being part of shaping new policies and frameworks to strengthen animal protection in the fashion industry and beyond is crucial for the impact we strive to uphold and advance in our industry. Discover our current contributions through our 'Partnerships For Impact' page.

Animal protection frameworks

In our vegan products, we consider the impact on animals in the natural world and choose materials based on those parameters. To the longest extent, we use deadstock materials for all textiles.


Our vegan footwear uses wine leather for soles as an homage to Italy, our country of production


Building a sustainable future with animal protection and environmental responsibility

Fashioning a sustainable future requires a deep commitment to both animal protection and environmental responsibility. At our core, we believe that these two elements must go hand in hand if we are to create a truly sustainable world.

We are dedicated to using our platform to promote awareness and change within the fashion industry and beyond and to inspire others to join us in our mission. We understand the power of collaboration and are constantly seeking out new partnerships and alliances to help us drive positive change.

We take pride in the strides we've already made in terms of product innovation, technical advancements, and framework development. However, we recognize that there is still much more work to be done, and we are more than willing to embrace the challenge.

Explore more

Discover our Pick-up Places, where we're bridging the gap between fashion and agriculture, creating a holistic experience in support of animal protection. Explore sustainable coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants, all focused on making conscious choices.

Pick-up places

Learn how traceability and sustainability intersect in our mission. Explore how we're ensuring a transparent supply chain and responsible production practices to reduce to ensure animal protection. Discover our traceability initiatives that support sustainability.

Sustainability hearts traceability

Josefin Liljeqvist Atelier: Elvis presley tray

Step into the world of sustainable art and art-infused home decor. Explore pieces that combine artistic expression with a commitment to the environment and animal protection. Discover how your home can reflect your values.

Sustainable art & home decor

Dive into our conscious fashion collections, where style meets sustainability. Explore products designed with the practices and commitments you have just learned. Shop and be part of an advocating movement.

Sustainable fashion

At the heart of Josefin Liljeqvist is a commitment to positive, lasting change and animal protection. From fashion to art, traceability to impact, our brand revolves around a deep dedication to a healthier planet. Discover our mission-driven story and join us in making a positive change.

Josefin´s story

Delve into our stories that highlight the core of our mission. Read about our journey towards a more conscious, honest, and animal-protected future. These stories showcase how each small change contributes to a larger sustainable mission.

Stories of purpose

Learn more about our different initiatives and stories, take action directly using petitions or shop designs you know are part of an advocating movement. 


Join a advocating movement

Spend 30 seconds to be part of advocating for a lasting and positive change for animal causes, globally. Take action now.

Practices we work with and on for minimizing impact


Frameworks and Policies

In order to drive change at scale, we need to collaborate, and that collaboration needs to be cross-sectional. Therefore, we actively participate in the creation of policies and industry frameworks aimed at moving the fashion industry (and beyond) closer to including animal protection as a key consideration when designing, sourcing, and producing.


RSiD and 3D

3D modeling prior to production allows for less waste in the first stages of the lifecycle of a product. It also allows for digital client customization.


Each design is constructed as a Digital ID, The RSiD which both prototypes and final designs receive. The RSiD is unique per design and per client which allows for a digital transfer in ownership on a re-sale market, for example


On-demand production

In general, animal-based fashion and food are driven by supply and demand, not ethics. This we are changing. Using our software, Responsible Systems, the Josefin Liljeqvist brand can create, source, and manufacture from an on-demand set-up, through a collaborative value chain. Allowing for good design, sustainable consumption, and pushing for zero waste in each step of the value chain.


Supply Chain Transparency

Data-transparent supply chains are achieved by a collaborative value chain with a top-down and bottom-up approach, building stakeholder value in each step of the value chain. We are part of solutions that can be implemented short term and are scaleable as practices and ethics in supply chains improve. Honesty is the core.


Product to Farm Traceability

Built from the perspective of animal traceability to ensure animal protection at each step in the value chain we developed our software Responsible Systems. This allows us to reverse engineer the design process so we can source directly from the farms with the best attention to animal protection and collect data in the RSiD, through the value chain. All our sourcing leads with animal protection as a key parameter and quality as the other key parameter.


Improving animal protection

Everything our brand does, from the designs, industry frameworks, traceability, and transparency, is built on the fundamental idea of improving animal welfare and supporting good farmers that choose to care for their animals. Product to Cow traceability ensures full traceability and it also contributes to each step toward the improvement of animal protection.

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