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Traceable oxford wholecut footwear Josefin Liljeqvist

Queer Ecology

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Queer Ecology by Phinn X Josefin Liljeqvist

Queer Ecology

Queer Ecology by Phinn

A series exploring Queer Ecology. Told and captured by photographer Seraphine Sallin-Mason or Phinn.

"Something I had the chance to think about during my residency around queer ecology is why nature and culture are so separated. In making this series, I wanted to think and speak about this separation. The Josefin Liljeqvist brand is making an effort to raise awareness of the origin of the materials that go into fashion products by making traceable footwear. You can see exactly where the leather came from and soon you’ll be able to learn more about the well-being and life of the animal as well. 


This series is an exploration of the limits of humanity in our environment. It raises the question: When does a material become artificial and when is it natural if we ourselves are just natural occurrences that learned to manipulate the things around us into something new?


I wanted to create something that looks elegant and controlled but is actually wild and organic at heart. These images are a portrayal of the honesty this brand promotes and facing reality instead of looking in the other direction.


In a few images, I played with the gravity of the shoe. In a photo of the Andrew shoe, both the shoe and a plant are leaning on each other. I had the shoe lean against a single plant to symbolize our codependency with nature and that the shoe tries to not only reduce the harm done to animals but to ensure their well-being. They are supporting each other." - Seraphine Sallin-Mason

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