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The Animal Welfare (Livestock Exports) bill, the first step to phase out live animal export in Europe is here.

In the past week, May 20th the UK Government passed the bill to ban live animal export (with the exception of Northern Ireland) outside of the British islands. The ban concerns the transportation of cattle, horses, sheep, goats, and pigs. The stressful and at times fatal transportation of these animals will be illegal in terms of all exports, this includes sending, transporting, or organizing transportation for breeding, fattening, and slaughter. However, the ban excludes poultry and the exports of racehorses, which are still permitted for breeding, competitions, and races. 

With the passing of the bill, the UK shows progress in animal welfare, following Australia, New Zeeland, and Brazil’s actions to reduce the export of live animals, making them a pioneering country in Europe. This initiative will hopefully spread to the rest of the European countries in a near future.

Multiple sheeps at the sea during live animal export
New animal welfare bill to phase out live export of animals was passed in the UK

A reminder that on June 9th it is European Parliament election day, so make sure to raise your voice and vote for animal welfare and to end live animal export.


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