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Queer Ecology by Phinn

Traceable leather wallet by deadstock leather

 Our digital iD provides value chain traceability

Leather goods traceability

 Each of our leather products' provenance traceability is achieved by employing our unique reverse-engineering design methodology.

Josefin Liljeqvist joins UN Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network.

A seat at the table, PRAZZLE X Moostapha R. Saidi X Josefin Liljeqvist

Purposely crafted designs, for a living planet. 

The devastating impact neglecting animal welfare in agriculture has on climate change

The modern agricultural industry has a massive impact on the global ecosystem and climate change, and it's important to understand the...

2 min

Cover Story "A seat at the table"

Cover Story "A seat at the table" with Prazzle Magazine,

1 min

What are animal pollinators and how are they key in a healthy ecosystem?

Pollinators are critical components of a thriving ecosystem, playing a vital role in the reproductive processes of plants and supporting...

2 min

Recipe: Cabbage steaks with Tahini

A conscious lifestyle: Balancing spirituality and sustainability through food. Join us as we delve into meals that align with your...

2 min