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The European Eel: From Scientific Mystery to the Foundation of Modern Psychology

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

The European Eel: A Mysterious Creature That Launched the Study of Modern Psychology

It might come as a surprise, but the beginnings of Sigmund Freud's studies on gender did not start with the observation of humans, as one might think. Instead, it started with a series of studies trying to determine the gender of eels. Despite years of research and dissections, Freud was unable to find proof of gender or eggs in the eels, leading him on a journey into human psychology and the question of what defines gender.

The European Eel is one of the most mysterious creatures in the world, with a journey that starts and ends in the Sargasso Sea. As a small glass eel, it drifts for a few years with the strength of the Gulf to the coast of Spain, where it transforms into a brown-colored eel and begins its journey up to the Nordic rivers. Finally, it changes colors once more into a black eel upon its return to the Sargasso sea.

Despite its mysterious nature, the European Eel is essential for the well-being of our planet, but we still don't know exactly how. During the last 45 years, the European Eel population has decreased by 90-95%, and if we don't change our behavior and water-based innovations, the eel will soon be a creature of the past.

Sadly, the main reason for the decline in the European Eel population is human behavior and water-based innovations. Approximately 70% of the global eel population is killed by hydropower electricity production. If we don't change our ways and find a way to protect the eel, it will become just another animal in the history books.

In conclusion, the European Eel is a fascinating creature that has given us much more than just the study of modern psychology. Its mysterious journey and critical role in the ecosystem make it a creature that we need to protect and conserve for future generations. We may never fully understand the eel, but it will always be remembered as the creature that sparked the study of modern psychology and continues to challenge our understanding of the world around us.


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